Fourthcity shows (& other shows featuring Fourthcity artists).  Out of town shows are colored for your convenience, as are our weekly shows. also check out the FOURTHCITY FLYER ARCHIVE. AND DON'T FORGET - EVERY TUES AT LOFI [429B EASTLAKE] -,,,, STOP BITING . <------------------///

date city venue info  
2012-03-24Paris [France]La Villa Mais D'iciNoise Steady Festival Térébenthine, music box, Marie Marie Cells + Guests at Villa Mais d'Ici 77 rue cités, 93300, Aubervilliers M. Ligne 7 Aubervilliers-Pantin 4 chemins 9PM
2010-08-28seattle [wa]KEXP 90.3fm www.kexp.orgTruck will be doing an in-studio performance on KEXP's Audioasis at 6pm PST.
2010-08-06seattle [wa]NeumosKevin Collabo, Truckasauras Rap Stuff w/Spaceman, Grynch, Geologic, SOL, Jay Barz, Mash Hall, Khingz
2010-07-25seattle [wa]Capitol Hill Block Party. Neumos StageTruck rocks the Neumos Stage at the Block Party Sunday evening at 9:15
2010-07-16paris [france]pop inPlan B single "Crow's Nest" release party
2010-01-22Paris [France]Le Popin
2009-05-24detroit [Mi]St. Regis HotelTruck rocks a second "Movement" afterparty Sunday night/Monday morning at the St. Regis Hotel. 12:30-3:30. Go to for more info...
2009-05-23detroit [Mi]St. Regis HotelTruck rocks a "Movement" afterparty Saturday night/Sunday morning at the St. Regis Hotel. 12:30-3:30. Go to for more info...
2009-05-19seattle [wa]Neumo's Truck leads up for Modeselektor and Apparat! $18 adv/ $20 dos
2009-05-19seattle [wa]Neumo'sTruck leads up for Modeselektor and Apparat. $18adv
2009-05-09seattle [wa]Holy MountainThe Flexions record release party w/ Flexions, Foscil, Katherine Hepburn's Voice, and Henari Nannon $5
2009-04-25seattle [wa]South Lake Union UndergroundFoscil, Jerry Abstract, Specs One and DJ Introcut play an upscale dinner event spot run by Crush. Good Music, Great Food. 611 Pontius Ave N.
2009-04-18seattle [wa]Woodshed StudiosTruck rocks the Noise For The Needy Party @ Woodshed Studios. For info, go to
2009-04-16seattle [wa]Sole Repair????????????????????????????????
2009-04-04seattle [wa]Chop SueyTruck goes to Egypt with Egyptian Lover, Jamie Jupiter and Sean Cee!
2009-04-04seattle [wa]Chop SueyTruck goes to Egypt with Egyptian Lover, Jamie Jupiter and Sean Cee!
2009-03-28spokane [wa]The BlvdThe Wig PR Bash '09 w/ SHIM, CYRUS FELL DOWN, SEE ME RIVER, TRUCKASAURAS
2009-03-27seattle [wa]King CobraThe Wig Pr Bash '09 w/ SHIM, CYRUS FELL DOWN, SEE ME RIVER, TRUCKASAURAS
2009-03-14seattle [wa]Neumo'sThe Truck Rap Set @ Blue Scholars' Program Reschedule w/ special guest mc's. It usually don't snow in March, right?
2009-02-28seattle [wa]South Lake Union UndergroungCOPY and eRDoN rock the new bi-monthy art event!
2009-02-13seattle [wa]Sunset TavernChuck Yay-Grr reunion show! With Truckasaurus, Chuck Yay-Grr, KEG, DJ Same DNA and more!
2009-01-28bellingham [wa]WWU Underground CoffeeTruck ends the journey in Bellingham.
2009-01-27salem [or]The SpaceTruck in Salem! On the way home.
2009-01-26san francisco [ca]Pirate Cat /87.9fm Truck rocks the radio speakers as part of DJ Canary Turd's show starting @ 8pm. Watch it live in the attached cafe.
2009-01-25los angeles [ca]CinespaceTruck in L.A. again as part of Camerata @ Cinespace
2009-01-24san diego [ca]Bar PinkTruck leads up for Obi Best. "Stay Classy San Diego" ...Ron Burgundy
2009-01-23las vegas [nv]The Beauty BarTruckasauras say "Viva Las Vegas"
2009-01-21los angeles [ca]Boardner'sTruck in L.A. as part of Club Moscow @ Boardner's
2009-01-19sacramento [ca]The Press ClubTruck rocks Sacramento as part of Club Pow @ the Press Club
2009-01-17portland [or]BackspaceTruck Launches their West Coast tour in the PDX.
2008-12-31portland [or]RottureNew Year's Eve with Truckasauras, Atole, Guidance Counselor, DJ Linoleum, and Rude Dudes. Ring in the New Year with Truck!!!
2008-12-19seattle [wa]Neumo'sTruckasauras does a Rap Set with guest mc's as part of "The Program" w/ Common Market, Blue Scholars. All ages
2008-12-19seattle [wa]Free Sheep FoundationPow Fox Boxing Party!
2008-12-12seattle [wa]Free Sheep FoundationFoscil with Guests
2008-12-04seattle [wa]Neumo'sThrow Me The Statue, Truckasauras and Guests.
2008-11-22seattle [wa]Neumo'sHead Like A Kite, Truckasauras and guests.
2008-11-08portland [or]RottureTruck rocks PDX with Atole and Copy!!!
2008-11-01seattle [wa]Nectardj SPOOKY W/ ER DON AND M'CHATEAU!!!!!!!
2008-10-10seattle [wa]NectarSEATTLE LAPTOP BATTLE Season 6 ft. Tron Sister, WD4D, Jeffery Mode, Trona, Orbiculus, Squid Leader, Andrew Luck, Xben, Incite, Joel Pryde, HeavyLight, KFO, Mat Anderson, John Lowe, Ffej, Nth808, Syzygy & surprise guests! Judged by Dave of Jacob London, Colin of Mercir, Grindle of Necodo, ER Don of Fourthcity & Josh of Light in The Attic. Hosted by Ali, visuals by Tracer, Showcase set by Kris Moon, DJ by Introcut, and too many sponsors to name. $8 advance!
2008-10-10seattle [wa]The Old FirehouseTruckasauras, No-fi Soul Rebellion, The Physics, and Fighter X rock for the kiddies on the Eastside. all ages 6$
2008-10-04seattle [wa]BallardTruck plays Seattle Weekly's Reverbfest go to for more info.
2008-09-28seattle [wa]GREY GALLERYTRASHY TRASH djzzz @ DECIBEL FESTIVAL 2008!!!
2008-09-27seattle [wa]Volunteer ParkDecibel In the Park with Truckasauras, Jacob London, and Glitch Mob. DJ Support by Michael Manahan and Noisemaker. Doors 1pm/all ages
2008-09-09seattle [wa]LofiSTOP BITING presents... AGAINST ALL ODDS TOUR w/ RHETERIC (L.A.) project blowed, DULOK SHAMAN, SORE ONE, CADALACK RON, PRECISE, Marxman 45 and more
2008-09-06spokane [wa]Empyrean Coffee HouseTruckasauras brings it to the Eastside of the mountains with Spokane's hometown hero James Pants! With Square Wail.
2008-09-05portland [or]HoloceneTruck plays the Seattle Sound Showcase at Music Fest Northwest. Go to for more info.
2008-08-28seattle [wa]The SunsetTruckasauras at TRASHY TRASH .. BUY THE ALBUM!!!
2008-08-28seattle [wa]The Chapel Performance SpacePONTIUS PILOTS feat. eR DoN and Victor Noriega EARSHOT JAZZ: 20th Century JAZZ Showcase.
2008-08-28seattle [wa]Sunset TavernThe Trashy Trash Olympics with Truckasauras representing the U.S.A., Claude Balzac, Same DNA, Introcut, and Madmax
2008-08-24seattle [wa]NECTARSPECS ONE, SLOW SKATE, MORE TBA... $7
2008-08-23seattle [wa]Free Sheep Foundation (3rd and Battery)Filastine, Truckasauras, DAE, Naha and Scratchmaster Joe make noise in Belltown
2008-08-16seattle [wa]Myrtle Edwards ParkTruck rocks Hempfest. Smoke da weed out hippies!!
2008-07-31seattle [wa]RE-BARTRASHY TRASH DJ'S AT BONKERS!!
2008-07-27seattle [wa]The SunsetTRASHY TRASH NIGHT
2008-07-25seattle [wa]Capitol Hill Block PartyTruckasauras rocks the block party!
2008-06-27seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryThe final Installment of "Residential" with Foscil Live, and Hidden Habitats 8-10ish $Donation
2008-06-26seattle [wa]Neumo'sFoscil rocks Head Like a Kite's Record release party w/ Smoosh and others. Free!!!!!!
2008-06-15seattle [wa]ShowboxFourthcity DJs open for Talib Kweli
2008-06-14seattle [wa]King CobraNoise For The Needy presents Fourthcity happy-hour, w/ Koi (Vanessa & Noriko), DJ Same DNA, Absolute Madman & Kinoko
2008-06-08seattle [wa]NectarFourthcity w/ Journal of Popular Noise Present: Truckasauras' Album Release Party w/ Truck Live and Direct, The Dead Science, Past Lives and DJ Introcut. Buy the Album Directly so Truck can buy beer! $8 9pm 21+
2008-05-30seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryThe Fifth Installment of Foscil's "Residential" w/ Specs One and Foscil Collaborative Efforts 8-10ish
2008-05-25george [wa]The GorgeTruckasauras rocks Sasquatch Music Festival on the Yeti Stage Sunday
2008-05-24seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING meets THE HANG
2008-05-23seattle [wa]Neumo'sDecibel presents... APPARAT : Performing live with 3 piece band w/ TRUCKASAURAS and NORDIC SOUL Doors open at 9pm / 21+ Advance tickets $10 through and at the Moe Bar
2008-05-22portland [or]HoloceneTruck leads up for Apparat plus guests.
2008-05-21paris [france]blues cafeMIKROKULTUR BOOKING PRESENTS:
75013, PARIS, Metro: QUAI DE LA GARE, Ligne 6
2008-05-16seattle [wa]3100 Airport Wy SAbsolloot MM, drMrM + Kamooi
2008-05-13seattle [wa]Chop SueyElectrosect's Birthday!!! w/ Foscil and Specs One Collaborative Efforts, Obelus, and DJ Greg Skidmore. $8 21+ 9pm
2008-05-09seattle [wa]Chop SueyBroken Disco w/ Mochipet, Lusine, Mchateau & more
2008-05-03seattle [wa]LofiFamous Players CD Release Party!!! w/ Scratchmaster Joe as Nicemaster Nice, Samuel Kirkland as himself (from Kings County, NY), David as Module (Tone Records), K. Evans as Kinoko, and ground cover by Naha, Introcut, Nko, Mchateau, Kadeejah Streets, Witnica & more.
2008-04-25seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryThe Fourth Installment of "Residential" Foscil joins Robert Nelson in performing the music of eRDoN, and Hidden Habitats on the 2's and 1's $Donation
2008-04-16seattle [wa]Neumo'sDonte Parks' birthday! Truckasauras, Sleepy Eyes of Death and Randy Jones! Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-04-08seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING w/ Special guest BIZZART!!! (
2008-03-29seattle [wa]lofi"seattle vision care" a djs w/glasses joint!
2008-03-28seattle [wa]Lo-FiDJ B-Girl's Love or Fate CD release party starts at 10pm only $5, 21+ w/id.
2008-03-28seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryBLVD Gallery presents the third installment of "Residential" Foscil (live) w/ special guest BTC and the Cold City Orchestra, and Hidden Habitats 8pm to 10ish. Damion's Birthday!!!
2008-03-23seattle [wa]Sunset TavernTrashy Trash
2008-03-08Seattle [WA] 9655 16th Ave SWRAINBOW PAWZ (Kinoko + MCFiredrill) w/ FIGHTER X KIDS GET HIT BY BUSES Boogie Squad ALL AGES and 21+ later show
2008-03-06seattle [wa]Neumo's and Sole RepairTruckasauras rocks "The Young Ones" A Benefit For The "Real Change" Newspaper. $5 suggested donation. Go to for full lineup, schedule and info.
2008-02-29seattle [wa]bhudda bardr/mr things of belltown like its six flags. laser music extraordinair
2008-02-29seattle [wa]BLVD Art GallerySecond installment of "Residential" w/ Foscil on all electronic instruments, M.evans, and Hidden Habitats. $Donation
2008-02-28seattle [wa]Vera ProjectFighter X and Rainbow Pawz!!! Free!!
2008-02-23portland [or]Someday LoungeA special edition of Golden w/ Truckasauaras, Atole, DJ Linoleum, and DJ Copy $5
2008-02-15seattle [wa]Comet TavernTruckasauras rocks The Comet w/ Head like a Kite, guests.
2008-02-01seattle [wa]hengst studiosmy bloody valentine is shameless!!! this is going to be slurry.
2008-01-29seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING
2008-01-27seattle [wa]SUNSET TAVERNTRASHY TRASH
2008-01-25seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryLaunch of "Residential": Foscil (live) and Hideki, Kamui of Hidden Habitats. $Donation
2008-01-23seattle [wa]COLUMBIA CITY THEATREintrocut, wd4d & gaberiel Teodros, geo of blue scholars, alpha p, mindmovers + more... ALL AGES!!!!!!
2008-01-22seattle [wa]Chop SueyHideki, Kamui, John Tsunam, Dirty Scientifix + Disjointed Isotopes - 9PM, $7
2008-01-18bellevue [wa]variations on 91.3 kbcstune in from 11pm-1am. Dr/Mr.M dj set plus KR beats
2008-01-12seattle [wa]Egans Ballard Jam HouseJANUARY 12, 9:00 & 11:00PM :: PONTIUS PILOTS :: e.R.DoN + Victor Noriega
2008-01-11seattle [wa]Chop SueyEgyptian Lover at Broken Disco 10!!! $12adv., w/ Caro, Jamie Jupiter, Zac Hendrix + more
2008-01-10seattle [wa]LoFIThe Hang > A night of live improv jazz wit madman on decks. Evans BDay party! Musicians welcome to sit in! $3
2008-01-04seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING
2008-01-03seattle [wa]LOFIThe Hang / a night of live improv jazz wit madman on decks
2007-12-31seattle [wa]Youngstown Cultural Arts CenterNew Year's Eve!!! Truckasauras and M'CHATEAU Play at SCIENCE FRICTION FEATURING: 25+ performers, 4 Rooms of music, Custom Sound, 4 Full bars, Visual art, Costumes, outdoor smoking tent and more $25 @ YOUNGSTOWN CULTURAL ARTS CENTER 4408 Delridge Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106
2007-12-21seattle [wa]TOSTM'CHATEAU @ ANTIDOTE
2007-12-14seattle [wa]The Vera ProjectTruckasauras leads up for U.S.E. with Strength (PDX) $11/$10 w/ club card
2007-12-14seattle [wa]Chop SueyBroken Disco #9, ft. Enduser, Codebreaker, Novatron, Solenoid, Greg Skidmore + more
2007-12-14seattle [wa]Lo_Fikamui & madman play @ artifakt >
2007-12-13seattle [wa]GREY GALLERYINTROCUT AND WD4D
2007-12-07seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING SPECIAL EDITION!!!!!!!!! COME OUT 4 DIS
2007-12-06san francisco [ca]element lounge (1028 geary)radioinactive, la jae, & lazor sword rock element for matty holt's bday bash!!
2007-12-06seattle [wa]The Burke MuseumTruckasauras brings the ruckus to the University of Washington. Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!!! Students only.
2007-12-05san francisco [ca]etiquette lounge (1108 market)four deez party w/ a.madman spinnin funky shit!!
2007-11-30seattle [wa]BLVD GalleryFoscil preseason edition of "Residential" A collaboration between Foscil and BLVD Gallery. Donation 8pm to 11pm
2007-11-16Tacoma [wa]Jazzbonesa.madman & pos one two open for George Clinton & The 420 Funk Mob!!! 21+ 8pm
2007-11-10san francisco [ca]111 Minna GallerySan Francisco Laptop Battle w/ djs introcut & a.madman. zapan judges. hosted by mochipet.
2007-11-02seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING SPECIAL EDITION!!!
2007-11-01tacoma [wa]JazzBones (2803 6th ave.)Pre-Funk before the weekend w/ djs: pos one two & a.madman spinning funk, soul & classic hiphop.
2007-10-31san francisco [ca]Etiquette (1108 market st)40oz. Halloween Party @ Etiquette SF >> drink a 40oz. in yer halloween costume!! 6pm-2am
2007-10-25seattle [wa]NEUMOSDJ KRUSH --- DJS HIDEKI, KAMUI, BUMBLE B, INTROCUT open up!!!
2007-10-20seattle [wa]Egans Ballard Jam HousePONTIUS PILOTS - a new project freaturing the collaborative efforts eR DoN and jazz pianist Victor Noriega. Player haters beware.
2007-10-05seattle [wa]LOFISTOP BITING SPECIAL EDITION!!!
2007-10-02seattle [wa]FremontNectar & FourthCity Present ‘GAME OVER’: A Night of Seattle’s 8-Bit Invaders w/ TRUCKASAURAS, Square Wail, Leeni, and Fighter X $7 8pm doors 21 & Over
2007-09-29seattle [wa]Nijo Sushi Bar & Grill (86 spring st.)Sushi and drinks w/ djs: kamui & a.madman
2007-09-27tacoma [wa]JazzBones (2803 6th ave.)Pre-Funk before the weekend w/ djs: pos one two & a.madman spinning funk, soul & classic hiphop.
2007-09-26san francisco [ca]Etiquette (1108 market st)40oz. night w/ a.madman (funkin soul steez). how it works.... drink a quarter of your 40oz. then add freshly squeezed oj (courtesy matt mckee) for a brass monkey!
2007-09-21seattle [wa]Nuemo'sTruckasauras @ the Decibel Festival as part of the Rage And The Machine Showcase. w/ Motor, Guns "N" Bombs, Kill Memory Crash and a listening party for Modeselektor's "Happy Birthday" album. Sponsored by KEXP. details at
2007-09-15seattle [wa]KEXP 90.3Truckasaurus LIVE on KEXP's Audioasis show on 90.3 or
2007-09-14seattle [wa]chop sueyBroken-Disco continues w/ some crazy techno DJs, some mashup & some E.R.Don. Come get some.
2007-09-12seattle [wa]BALTIC ROOM///RUFF GEMZ ////w/ Kinoko - DJ FuckingInTheStreets - Sam Russo Sound System
2007-09-12seattle [wa]RUFF GEMZ @TheBalticRoomElectricDancePARTY :: FLUO SEATTLE :::w// Kinoko//DJ Fucking in the Streets//SamRusso SoundSystem
2007-09-11seattle [wa]NECTARINTROCUT & ZAC HENDRIX open for BONOBO (NINJATUNE)
2007-09-08Snohomish County [wa]Smoke Farmpataphysical new year celebration
2007-09-03seattle [wa]BumbershootIntrocut, Kamui, Bumble B, Hideki, Plan B, Linda & Ron's Dad, Specs Wizard, Specs One, E.R.Don & Radio Zapan perform every day at the 2007 Bumbershoot festival as part of the Claimin Spaces art show sponsored by BLVD Gallery
2007-08-26seattle [wa]NECTARdj introcut opens for SADAT X (of Brand Nubian!!!)
2007-08-23tacoma [wa]JazzBonesNEW THURSDAY WEEKLY!! HipHop/Funk/Soul/Reggae with djs +12 & a.madman
2007-08-19seattle [wa]Baltic RoomLily's Birthday!!! w/ Foscil and Plan b
2007-08-16seattle [wa]ReBARKinoko DJ Breakcore Set @HARSH
2007-08-09seattle [wa]oscillateSpecial treat BOOPANSCHWING!!! Zapan makes his first appearance onstage in 2+ years alongside Bookmobile's Tour Kickoff / Boopan CD Release Party and Deceptikon's rare invasion from Tokyo!!!!!!
2007-08-07seattle [wa]Chop SueyFoscil leads up for Subtle, with Three More, Shallows. 12.00 in advance all ages.
2007-08-06seattle [wa]NectarNectar's 3 year anniversary and Relaunch party w/ Helio Sequence, Lifesavas, Truckasauras, DJ FITS and Colin (Mercir) Come Celebrate Adam's Birthday with the Truck!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!
2007-07-29seattle [wa]Sunset TavernTRUCKASAURAS TRASHES THE SUNSET!!!!!! ROCK THE BALLARD
2007-07-21seattle [wa]BALTIC ROOMINTROCUT & SUNTZU SOUND open for WAAJEED (DET)
2007-06-12seattle [wa]LofiSPECS-WIZARD, LINDA AND RON'S DAD @ Stopbiting
2007-06-08seattle [wa]chop sueyBroken Disco #3! w/ Smash TV, Nortec Collective, Panoptica, DJ Colin, Electrosect, Introcut, Kamui & Recess!!!
2007-06-06seattle [wa]chop sueyen garde productions & kexp present WAX TAILOR w/ KOI (second show ever!) and DJ INTROCUT
2007-06-05seattle [wa]Baltic RoomA benefit for Noise for the Needy w/ Foscil, Fourthcity DJ showcase and guests. Come Support a great cause.
2007-06-02seattle [wa]Atlas WarehouseBLACK + WHITE + NEON PTY!! ft. J-Justice, Kamui, Introcut, Special Guestasauras, Recess, Levi Clark & MC Anton Bomb!! $5.
2007-06-01portland [or]HoloceneBoombox Friday w/ Truckasauras, Leech, + DJs Copy, Strategy & DJ BJ
2007-05-29seattle [wa]Baltic RoomTruckasauras, Copy and ER Don rock da Oscillate w/ the regular suspects.
2007-05-19seattle [wa]3100 Airport Way S.Dance Party, ft. Fourthcity DJs, DJ Khunects, & a Capoeira performance w/ Grupo Capoeira Male^s. More info at
2007-05-16seattle [wa]V.I.P. Room (Neumo's)Bailee's birthday party w/ Truckasauras, Marty Mar, Tigerbeat/Babyfeather & Drewdown. FREE! (say "ink blot" at the door)
2007-05-11seattle [wa]chop suey2nd Broken Disco! w/ KnifeHandChop (Tigerbeat), Passions (Trouble&Bass), Suntzu Sound, Nominal I, ndCv, Nordic Soul, Kris Moon, Naha & MC Anton Bomb
2007-05-11seattle [wa]Seattle Art MuseumM'chateau + DJ Introcut spin choice cuts for S.A.M.'s Teen Art Night (every 2nd Friday).
2007-05-08seattle [wa]LO-FI (LA) MC Bizzart @ Stop Biting
2007-05-08seattle [wa]Baltic RoomElliot Lipp and Foscil play at Oscillate w/ Residents Electrosect, Greg Skidmore, and Kinoko
2007-05-04seattle [wa]tostnaha and m'chateau want to rock you!!!
2007-05-03seattle [wa]baltic roomA very special Real To Real, ft. Bumble B, Absolute Madman, Kamui, Introcut, Hideki & Sage Nomad.
2007-04-27seattle [wa]Deep Down LoungeLAPTOP BATTLE AMERICAN IDOL TEEN SURVIVOR
2007-04-14Jakarta [Indonesia]Forbidden CitiTHERAPY, "heavy dose of liquid funk, broken beat, with something jazzy in between.
2007-04-13seattle [wa]Chop SueyFourthcity, Shameless, Decibel & Sensory Effect collaboration! BROKEN DISCO!! More info at
2007-04-12seattle [wa]BALTIC ROOMdj DRM from Brooklyn (Bastard Jazz) @ Real2Real
2007-04-07seattle [wa]Youngstown // GOD IS DEAD PARTY! FOSCIL SLEEPER CELL BLUE STAR CREEPER ADAM GROSS & RED KETTLE PLAYERS SUN-TZU SOUND AC LEWIS RECESS PACKY INTROCUT M'CHATEU @ Youngstown Cultural Arts Center 4408 Delridge Way SW $8/$10 9:00pm, 21+ with ID
2007-04-06seattle [wa]alibi roomER Don plays at the Alibi Room sucka
2007-03-30portland [or]holoceneBoombox Fridays w/ D&D, Truckasaurus, DJ Copy
2007-03-29seattle [wa]Baltic RoomReal to Real every Thurs
2007-03-23seattle [wa]VIP RoomKnight Riders 3 w/ Truck, M'chateau, Sam Kirkland, Travis Baron, Kadejah Streets, S. Joe
2007-03-17seattle [wa]BALTIC ROOMINTROCUT & M'CHATEAU open for JACOB LONDON
2007-03-08seattle [wa]Baltic RoomREAL TO REAL
2007-03-01seattle [wa]Baltic RoomReal to Real
2007-02-22seattle [wa]Baltic RoomOfficial Real to Real Kickoff Party w/ Foscil, Original Space Neighbors, Hidden Habitats, Introcut, and Madman. Free!!!!!
2007-02-20seattle [wa]Vera ProjectAND This TUESDAY Feb20th The VERA PROJECT is Final and Ready!!! Please Join us at the free/Open to the Public Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the NEW and Powerfully Improved VERA Project with your guest DJ Kinoko and even the Mayor of Seattle other politicians and the wonderful folks of the VERA Project. Yeah! I LOVE SEATTLE I LOVE THE VERA PROJECT. Celebration 3p m-6 All AGES AS ALWAYS @ The Vera Project at Seattle Center (formerly the SnoqualmieRoom,Just By QFC) and check out their websitefor FREE show!!!
2007-02-07seattle [wa]Chop SueyChop Suey, Obese Productions, & Resonance Magazine Presents Dosh (Anticon) w/ Foscil, and Kindness Kind $8 advanced 21 and 0ver
2007-01-26seattle [wa]NeumosTruckasauras leads up for Subtle and Pigeon John 10$ all ages bar w/ Id
2007-01-26vancouver [BC]blim Friday JAN 26th @ BLIM artwork + book release from KINOKO + LUKE RAMSEY with LIVE improv/electronic performance by: SECRET MOMMY and KINOKO 8pm-11pm ///all ages//donation Vancouver, B.C.
2007-01-19seattle [wa]Alibi RoomER Don and Absolute Madman rock the basement of the Alibi FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
2006-12-31seattle [wa]LOFI- NYE!!!Fourthcity, Shameless and SunTzu Sound are proud to present NYE 2006 at LoFi /// MAIN ROOMJACOB LONDON - Exclusive Live Set[Classic Music Company - Doubledown - UFreqs]www.jacoblondon.comKID HOPS vs. SUNTZU SOUND - DJ Set[Kexp 90.3 / Kbcs 91.3] - www.suntzusound.comTRUCKASAURAS - Live an exclusive afterhours party presented by SHAMELESSwww.simplyshameless+ more acts TBC Visuals by PIXELFLIP/// FRONT ROOMFOURTHCITY>Great View of the Space Needle Fireworks<>Free Champagne Toast at Midnight<$15 Limited Advance TicketS$20 at the doorLo-Fi Performance Space429B Eastlake Ave. East9pm Doors - Afterhours until 4am
2006-12-07seattle [wa]chopsueyLaptop Battle is proud to present the Third Annual Laptop Battle National Championships, featuring competitors from Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Chicago & New York City. This will be a double elimination tournament, meaning everyone gets a second chance to become the new National Champion. Dj Collage on the mic and Scratchmaster Joe on the decks, with showcase sets by Starkey, 2005 Laptop Battle Champion & Vincent Parker, the Bit Rocker!
2006-12-03seattle [wa]chop sueyFoscil and Introcut lead up for Prefuse 73 w/ dj colin
2006-11-20portland [or]TubeCopy, Truckasauras and ER Don 5$
2006-10-31seattle [wa]lofiHalloween edition of Stop Biting w/ O.S.N, Foscil, Way Inward, Hidden Habitats, Introcut, Madman
2006-10-27portland [or]FunlandTruckasauras, Kinoko, and capitalSTEPS play @ Funland Doors At 7pm 5$
2006-10-23seattle [wa]Chop SueyTruckasauras leads up for Daedelus, Caural and Thavius Beck. 10$ presale 8pm 21 and over
2006-09-27seattle [wa]The war roomPlan B record release w/ Plan b, Foscil, M.Evans, and Hidden Habitats 5$
2006-09-24seattle [wa]chop sueyObese productions presents Alias and Tarsier, with Astronautilus and Truckasauras
2006-09-16seattle [wa]chop sueyFourthcity @ decibel! Plan B, Foscil, and Introcut lead up for Subtle and Static 12$
2006-09-12seattle [wa]Baltic RoomTruckasauas, ER Don, Absolute Madman bring the gangsta stuff to oscillate w/ residents kinoko, electrosect and greg skidmore
2006-09-11seattle [wa]The War RoomIntrocut and Zac Hendrix @ the Kumite dance battle
2006-07-27seattle [wa]Baltic RoomFOB presents Jacob London, J-Justice & M'chateau. Formidable!!
2006-07-21missoula [MT]The LoftVincent Parker & Winnie The Shit (Spark), w/ locals Venishka & Tyler
2006-07-20portland [or]HoloceneTruckasauras leads up for Dabrye and Percee P In Portland
2006-07-19seattle [wa]Chop SueyTruckasauras leads up for Dabrye and Percee P
2006-07-14seattle [wa]Grand Illusion CinemaLive video & sound from Deceptikon & TheGreyRoom, plus series of short animations, videos & films!
2006-06-10seattle [wa]Chop SueyLaptop Battle v6000. DETAILS HERE!.......
2006-06-09seattle [wa]Club De SilencioFourthcity & Brushed Golden Ltd. presentFOURTHCITY ART CREW 2006 SHOWCASE!!!

Music by FOSCIL, ABSOLUTE MADMAN, PLAN B, KAMUI, HIDEKI, BUMBLEBEE, KINOKO, INTROCUT, MICHITO, REI-REI, VINCENT PARKER & MORE.. don't even sleep. VIDEO PREMIER by Michito Iwata! FREE ZINES by Kinoko & Brushed Golden!! Much much more!!

This is at a great spot but we can't make it too public.. please hit us up for location details..
2006-06-03vancouver [BC]BLIM

fourthcity art crew show. salon-style shoWcase of stephanie loveday
vincent parker
ian wyatt
robin greenwood
2006-06-02vancouver [BC]Soma Cafevincent parker live free show at soma cafe on june 2nd half hour set of madness breaking the ice. all new music never played in vancouver. bing extra panties.
2006-05-13seattle [wa]villville (1534 1st Ave S.)saturday, may 13th (starting at 8, going 'til late)... the bikery presents a night of musical entertainment and cheap drinks.... the dead science whale bones truckasaurus western graves orkestar zirkonium and some pretty spectacular djs: can o' beans schism m'chateau sam rousso soundsystem this is the first of many events hosted by the bikery, a new bike collective project that is about to explode all over town. we're working towards the goal of opening a bicycle resource center and community space for all folks who love bikes and want to learn about them. the cost is $5 with any bike part or tool (not broken) or $8 without and the location.... villville 1534 1st avenue south (one block south of safeco field)
2006-05-06seattle [wa]Emily Carr Institute2006 Grad Exhibition feat. our friend Lily, who also did the art for the 2006 compilation cover.
2006-05-04seattle [wa]Baltic RoomA special edition of F.O.B. with Foscil and Specs One Collaborative Efforts and residents Kamui, Rei, Mchateau and Suntzu
2006-04-07seattle [wa]LOFIfashion show w/ hideki & michito
2006-04-04seattle [wa]Baltic RoomTruckasauras, Copy and Atole rip Oscillate a new ***hole w/ residents Electrosect and Greg Skidmore. 9pm
2006-03-24seattle [wa]Artworks (next to Vera Project)Art opening with Truckasauras, M Chateau, Michael Evans, and The DK Pan Trio. party starts @ 7:00
2006-03-14seattle [wa]BALTIC ROOMedIT, the man behind Complex Players Club & The Crunkmaster 2000, comes up from LA to play Oscillate, a fabulous Tekno/IDM night organized by our homeboys Patrick Haenelt & Greg Skidmore.. unfortunately this night is also on a Tues., so StopBiting usually keeps us from it, but this time DJN & ZAPAN make a *very very rare* appearance behind the decks (what's it been, like, a year already??), and our homie VINCENT PARKER is coming down from BC to crunkify that shit right before Ed goes on. And-If-That-Wasn't-Enough, the one & only KRIS MARKLE will be handling the ones+twoz as well. So you best not sleep and come through to this shit else you miss one of the illest shows to happen in a bit SON!!!
2006-03-11seattle [wa]RebarKrakt - Kris Moon CD release party
2006-03-04seattle [wa]LO-FIGet on the GOOD FOOT! w/ Suntzu Sound, Fourthcity DJs (Bumblebee, Kamui, Rei, Introcut & Michito), and DJ Collage on the mic. $6, 9pm...
2006-02-25seattle [wa]Consolidated WorksSPECS ONE and FOSCIL rip the time space continuum to shreads! along with SLANTY EYED MAMAS (Kate Rigg and Lyris Hung) following Birth of a nAsian!BIG FUN!!!Where:
2006-02-24seattle [wa]Baltic RoomF&OB -- minimal/house
2006-02-20seattle [wa]NectarFree show with Snowmanplan and Tableland
2006-02-18seattle [wa]Pacific Science CenterKinetic! - (in the Dinosaur room!) L'usine, Deru, Nordic Soul, Jerry Abstract, Kris Moon, Son of Rose.
2006-02-17seattle [wa]Baltic RoomF&OB -- afro/brazilian/latin
2006-02-17seattle [wa]LOFIBashment 2nd Installment: w/ special guest Krinjah!!
2006-02-16seattle [wa]Pacific Science Center LaserdomeLaser Plan b w/ live Plan b and Pars Kid Laser art. 9pm doors 10 pm Show $7.50
2006-02-14vancouver [bc]BlimVincent Parker says "valentines day. french romance and slow dance, mirror ball, white balloons, and a bubble machine. ill be singing about love in french to some bran new beats. bubye."
2006-02-10seattle [wa]Baltic RoomF&OB -- brokenbeat/house
2006-02-08seattle [wa]Studio 7Madman & Ronin808 (live & mixed glitch/hiphop/grime), w/ AKA, Verse & guests. Studio 7 is at 110 South Horton. 6:30pm, $7.
2006-02-04seattle [wa]Kexp 90.3 fmFoscil live on Sonarchy. Tune in to 90.3fm @ 12 midnite.
2006-02-02seattle [wa]Sweatshop Inc.((inner spaces)) Fueled by the grey city sprawl, overpasses and shadows the worlds we imagine are filled with soft subversive landscapes dislodged by the industrial grit and noise that resides just below the surface. Drawing on outside influences, these are the spaces we create inside of ourselves. They are constructions of memory, unconscious realms that exist as ghostly impressions left years ago in our minds. Paintings, drawings, interactive installation and photography by Vancouver and Seattle based artists Vincent Parker, Kinoko, Sindri Bartholomew and Stefanie Loveday.
2006-02-02seattle [wa]Baltic RoomSteve Spacek Live Set (Sound In Color, Australia), w/ local support by Fourthcity & SunTzu Sound
2006-02-01portland [or]DunesFOSCIL and SPECS ONE Collaborative Efforts w/ brokaw and sleepyhead 3 $3 @ the door
2006-01-31seattle [wa]LoFiSpecial Version of Stop Biting w/ The Foscil/Specs One Record Release. Come hear the cuts live.
2006-01-27seattle [wa]The Outhouse - U.DistThis Friday Jan 27th, Benefit for Lighthouse Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Help these kids find funding for toilets, a playground a day outing and school supplies @The Outhouse 5209 19th Ave N.E. UDist. Seattle$3-5.Sliding Scale... Music, AppleBobbing? and DJKinoko + theFilthyDetails queercore & Yes,ohYessupersectret danceband . 7pm-Midnight. It's a Party at a House. Yeah..YEAH
2006-01-20seattle [wa]LOFIFirst BASHMENT!! ragga & classic jungle, dancehall, hiphop roots dub grime and dubstep. $5. Rama, Kris Moon, Element & Alibi, plus Necron 99, AZ-1 & Jerry Abstract. MC Specialist too. more deets at zion's gate ragga
2006-01-18seattle [wa]Chop SueySeattle School presents THE POP SMEAR TEST (a human body-laptop game). Featuring Obelus, ndCv & Syzygy. $5.
2006-01-13portland [or]HoloceneCopy Record Release w/ Copy, Truckasauras, Panther, and Bobby Birdman
2006-01-10seattle [wa]Madrone LoungeDeceptikon, Oly, X.O.X.
2006-01-04seattle [wa]Seattle Art MuseumPlan B & friends do some improv.
2005-12-31seattle [wa]562 1st Ave (#401)Truckasaurus, Kamui, M'chateau, Plan B, M. Evans, Mr. Piccolo, Lurn, JP Scesniak, Bill Jones, Dead Science and more
2005-12-17seattle [wa]Vera ProjectBumblebee & Kamui bring the heat to Fever!, the underage weekly at Vera.
2005-12-16seattle [wa]LOFIM'chateau, Joe Mojo & Suntzu Sound bring the heat for yo body at the very last installment of INT'L AIRPORT...
2005-12-10seattle [wa]fusion cafe (at downtown YMCA)Truckasauras, SPECS ONE, Kinoko and CapitalSteps play @ the downtown YMCA early show 7 to 11 5$
2005-12-09seattle [wa]Chop SueyFourthcity Laptop Battle Championships. Presented by Fourthcity,, Ableton, Native Instruments & Poster Midget. The winners from 5 North American cities will compete for the glory & the crown. Long live the Laptop Battle!!!
2005-11-25seattle [wa]EMP Liquid LoungeTHE POP SMEAR TEST A Laptop Battle Royale sampled from & judged by the Involuntary Bodily Functions of the Audience At EMP's Liquid Lounge! Featuring: Producer DL777 (Andrew Luck) VS. FourthCity laptop artist KINOKO (Kristine Evans)
2005-11-12seattle [wa]562 1st ave.scratchmaster joe and sam kirklands party... kris moon, jerry abstract, m'chateau
2005-11-11seattle [wa]lofisuntzu sound and international airport presents:tony mwachuku(attica blues, mowax, uk)
2005-11-04seattle [wa]lofizac hendrix(del tha funky homosepien's tour dj), dj grant (jivetime), resident dj joe mojo
2005-11-03seattle [wa]562 GalleryScratchmaster Joe, Plan B, Specks and Ishmael
2005-10-28seattle [wa]11th&pineshhhhhhh... kamui/hideki/berry, truckasaurus, jerry abstract, porcelin, suntzu sound...
2005-10-28seattle [wa]11th&pineshhhhhhh...
2005-10-11seattle [wa]StopbitingSteve Spacek new CD listening party
2005-10-09Geneva [CH]Le ZooLe Zoo, PTR et la Batie presentent: Abstract Hiphop/ Breakbeat / Electro Pop,,, w/ HERBALISER, PLAN B, LADYTRON & THE PENELOPES..
2005-10-08seattle [wa]LOFIVANESSA NOVA BENEFIT SHOW!!! w/ Vincent Parker, Foscil, The Lone Ranger, Deceptikon & the Fourthcity DJs... Come out & help Vanessa recover from having her laptop stolen!!!
2005-10-06seattle [wa]562 1st Ave SThe Truck gon rock a spot, and you know this. Plus pick up some limited edition shirts or underwear and probably hear other bands too..
2005-10-04seattle [wa]Baltic RoomTruckasauras and Deceptikon rock Oscillate
2005-10-02Seattle [wa]Chop SueyFoscil leads up for T. Raumschmeire w/ live Band
2005-10-01olympia [wa]The MarkFoscil w/ others TBA
2005-09-25San Francisco [CA]Element LoungeFoscil, Absolute Madman, Specs One plus local support
2005-09-24seattle [wa]Neumo'sDecibel presents FOURTHCITY/ KRANKY label showcase. Featuring Vincent Parker, Kinoko, Strategy, Nudge & more tba...
2005-09-24san francisco [ca]loft partyFoscil plays at a love parade afterparty
2005-09-23Portland [OR]HoloceneFoscil w/ Fleshtone and DJ Copy
2005-09-22Portlan [OR]DunesFoscil w/ others TBA
2005-09-20seattle [wa]lo-fiA special version of stop biting feat. Specs One w/ Foscil rocking the beats
2005-09-17Missoula [MT]Higgins AlleyFoscil and Specs One rock Missoula w/ Others
2005-09-13san francisco [ca]222club (hyde & turk)Live electronic music by: Doomsday Whistle, Lisp, ctrl_z & Absolutemuther?uckinMadman
sept 9, 2005gen?ve [ch]Lalhambar (10 Rue de la Rotisserie)Plan B does a dj set..
aug 31, 2005portland [or]holoceneKris Moon opens for Richie Hawtin!!
aug 27, 2005vancouver [bc]69 E. PenderDESTROY!!! - Foscil, Deceptikon, Vincent Parker, Kinoko, Nova 2012, Ian Wyatt, Spark & DJs... 9pm till fuckin late. Art by Luke Ramsey, Marrianne Goldin, Liam Wake, Kinoko, Robert Merns, Vincent P, Kathryn Mussallem & Mooi. - DESTROY!
aug 9, 2005san francisco [ca]222 club (@ hyde & turk)Morerobots Presents: DJ SUCKS, WYATT GURP, ONLY, 1ST-TL, & M. MONO-PLAYER. FREE.
aug 6, 2005missoula [mt]TBAKris Moon & Jerry Abstract rock Missoula
aug 5, 2005seattle [wa]lo-ficryintiger.COM & Mmm presents: DJ VSOP, Zion 12, Filastine & Hideki @ INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT! New Weekly!!!
july 31, 2005portland [or]holoceneFoscil CD release party PDX version. with Nice Nice
july 30, 2005seattle [wa]lo-fiFOSCIL CD RELEASE PARTY!!! Check: Party Info // Release Info
july 29, 2005seattle [wa]War RoomFourthcity + Graylife present: Laptop Showcase, Fashion Show & World-Famous DJs.
july 24, 2005san francisco [ca]element lounge (geary @ polk + vanness)Morerobots Presents: Sunday Night at Element, w/ Cuddles, Noah, Snareface & AbsoluteMuther?uckinMadman. If youre from SF & you havent yet checked this fresh new electronic series night, you sleepin.
july 23, 2005seattle [wa]1809 Minor Ave #203A Big Huge party. Two rooms of music. w/ DJ VSOP from the old Organic at the Art Bar Crew, Zion 12, Filastine & Hideki. Recommended by Mchateau, so you know its gravy.....
july 08, 2005seattle [wa]ArtworksMini Laptop Battle, Hair Style-off, Dope Fashion Show & other excellent stuff at this fundraiser for Artworks. $8 donation.
july 03, 2005seattle [wa]Deep Down Lounge @ Temple BilliardsCome chill wif us at our original venue! performing are OLY (miami/chicag0), DECEPTIKON, SAMOS (miami/sea) & a DJ tba. Do Not Sleep!!!!
june 14, 2005san francisco [ca]element lounge (geary @ polk + vanness)Seattle-ites & StopBiting co-conspirators INTROCUT & ABSOLUTE travel to the Bay Area to wreck shop. With UFO!, Cuddles, Snareface, local designers hawking wares, $1 PBRs & much much more. FREE! Details are here...
june 03, 2005seattle [wa]Lower Level @ CHACIntrocut scratches w/ Specs One. w/ others... $5?
may 26, 2005seattle [wa]Chop SueySensory Effect presents FOSCIL, w/ Talk Demonic, Mercir, Kim Hiorthoy....
may 20, 2005seattle [wa]Lower Level @ CHACDeceptikon & Variform open for Daedelus. DAEDELUS DARLING DOES DJ and LIVE!!! Special note: Montag will not be performing.
may 19, 2005seattle [wa]lo-fiSECRET MOMMY (Vancouver BC), SPARK (Vancouver BC), CHONCEY LANGFORD (Los Angeles), SPLINTER (Ben of Bookmobile), PLENTY FACE, KINOKO, NKO/PAUSV, MCHATEAU &much much more!!! only $3 <--- click HERE for bonus Secret Mommy mp3!!!
may 17, 2005san francisco [ca]element lounge (geary @ polk + vanness)FREE homemade electronic music at San Franciscos Element Lounge! Performances by Eats Tapes, Twittering Machine, Cuddles, Snareface, Team Everything, DJ Jamie Jams & more. Sponsored by morerobots & cyan media labs. Details are here...
may 13, 2005seattle [wa]Lower Level @ CHACFOSCIL, w/ Zac Hendrix. 9-12.
may 03, 2005seattle [wa]lo-fibe there *every Tuesday* (^^^^) STOP BITING. This particular installment features a "Special DJ set of unreleased and rare Deceptikon tracks by DJ Merten J. Mandeville." AND a FASHION SHOW BY RE:ME!!!! Dont sleep, sucka!
may 01, 2005seattle [wa]Catwalk3rd Annual Seattle Weekly Music Awards Showcase. Vote for Plan B (+ The Fourthcity DJs)!!! 7pm Paula Maya, 8pm Infomatic, 9pm The Dead Science, 10pm Senate Arcade, 11pm Plan B, 12am Cancer Rising.
apr 28, 2005seattle [wa] presents: PLAN B with At The Spine, Fey Ray, Touchdown Eagle. 8pm, $6.
apr 26, 2005san francisco [ca]222 + fourthcity presents "homemade electronic music" at the 222 club. this installment features lives by Cuddles & Snareface, Team Everything, Noah & Max, & Sean Wilson.
apr 22, 2005seattle [wa]Chop Sueydecibel festival + chop suey present: BLUE SCHOLARS, DECEPTIKON + NORDIC SOUL, LIVE. more info tba. check here for current details...
apr 22, 2005portland [or]Holocene2005 PDX all-area Laptop Battle. Sponsored by Holocene,, Ableton, Native-Instruments, Decibel Festival, Fourthcity &
apr 19, 2005los angeles [ca]KXLU onlineChoncey aka Thee Outfit, live 9pm-11pm PST, KXLU.COM HEADSPACE 11 yr anniversary
apr 01, 2005seattle [wa]Chop SueyFourthcity, Decibel,,, Ableton & Native-Instruments presents the 2005 Seattle Laptop Battle at Chop Suey. $10 presales here
mar 19, 2005seattle [wa]Vera ProjectFEVER!, Veras All Ages Dance Night, 9pm-midnight. w/ guest DJs Bumblebee, Hideki, Kamui & Introcut. $6 or $5 w/ club card!
mar 12, 2005vancouver [bc]blimfourthcity art crew showcase, featuring Foscil, Deceptikon, Vincent Parker & surprise guests...
mar 06, 2005los angeles [ca]BarcopaDeceptikon, Deru, Captain Ahab & special guests. $5 w/ RSVP to "soundlab at juxtaphone dot com"; $10 at door.
mar 05, 2005seattle [wa]el corazonfoscil, fading collection, drummatica, steve fisk
mar 05, 2005seattle [wa]lo-fiRock Steady Rhythm presents a benefit to help produce the film "THE DAUGHTER." featuring Synth Club, DJ Eva, Syzygy, Rama VS Zion 12, Jacedo, Variform & AMS.
mar 05, 2005berlin [de]Club 103~ Plan B European Tour ~
mar 04, 2005austin [tx]ElysiumOscillate Night 09, w/ Deceptikon, Proem, DJs Majora y Minora, Dillitex
mar 04, 2005geneva [ch]Le Zoo~ Plan B European Tour ~
mar 03, 2005seattle [wa]lower levelSegue, 1/2 of Fourthcitys Vancity posse, plays tonight. With Tekgnosis & guests.
mar 01, 2005paris [fr]Truskel~ Plan B European Tour ~
feb 25, 2005paris [fr]Pop In~ Plan B European Tour ~ w/ Chut
feb 24, 2005seattle [wa]AristocratsNaoto a.k.a. NaoToxin from Fourthcity:Tokyo is back in town, & we all know how lucky we are... Hell be playing at Aristocrats for "HOLLER" DNB Wednesdays w/ Jimmy Wax, Jaysen Cue & Bean 5000. No cover, 21+. More info at
feb 24, 2005paris [fr]La Caravane~ Plan B European Tour ~
feb 22, 2005san francisco [ca]the 222 club
(222 hyde st.)
9pm, Free. Live Electronic Music Performances by Absolute Madman, Cuddles & Snareface, Team Everything & Radio Lingua. Presented by fourthcity(dot)net + morerobots(dot)com
feb 12, 2005seattle [wa]ArtWorksArtWorks Benefit Show, featuring Bumblebee, Hideki, Kamui, Circle of Fire & various other presentations...
feb 12, 2005washington [dc]DC NINEMIDATLANTIC LAPTOP BATTLE. sponsored by, Ableton & Native Instruments. Part of the _flash bang project_.
feb 10, 2005seattle [wa]lower levelfoscil, electrosect, nordic soul
feb 5, 2005seattle [wa]912 12th Ave E.BNSF, OSA, (ooooo), M.Evans, M.Chateau, DJ Introcut...
jan 28, 2005seattle [wa]alibi room kinoko & leigh of plan b dj at Click Cha Fridays; $free
jan 15, 2005seattle [wa]lower levelFoscil, w/ Steve Fisk, Sun Vow & DJ Greg Jaspan ($6)
jan 21, 2005seattle [wa]alibi room michito iwata & michael evans dj at Click Cha Fridays; $free
dec 17, 2004seattle [wa]NeumosThe Neumos Holiday Party w/Foscil, w/ IQU, The Girls + DJ Sappho. $7
dec 17, 2004seattle [wa]Capitol Hill Arts CenterThe Fourthcity DJs (KAMUI, BUMBLEBEE & HIDEKI) play at Graylifes Christmas party.. w/ Pretty Girls Make Graves, Cobra High, Colby B, Tall Totem Pole, & fashion by Goods & others. $10 adv, $15 door.
dec 17, 2004tokyo [japan]bulletsDJN, ZaPaN w/ NIK, Mayu Ishikawa, DJ Keita + more @ PROGRESSIVE FOrMs "forma..." showcase event...
dec 16, 2004seattle [wa]EMPs Liquid LoungePlan B, guests
dec 14, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... w/ dj introcut & guests in the front room. $3, 21+, 10pm start.
dec 11, 2004seattle [wa]lower levelSyzygy, w/ Plastiq Phantom, FCS North & Sientific American
dec 7, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... w/ dj introcut & guests in the front room. $3, 21+, 10pm start.
dec 03, 2004osaka [japan]ZING
06-6213-2255 (on Dotombori River)
ZAPAN (live) from 11pm-midnight, w/ Jeff Milligan (aka ALGORITHM - japan 2004 tour!), Sekege, + DJs Fu-Ko, Noriko (Sub Scribble), + Dai.S (Sound Soup).
nov 30, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... w/ dj introcut & guests in the front room. $3, 21+, 10pm start.
nov 27, 2004seattle [wa]Chop Sueydecibel benefit, lineup TBA
nov 24, 2004portland [OR]Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy BlvdPlan B w/ Red Venus Love Army
nov 23, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... w/ dj introcut & guests in the front room. $3, 21+, 10pm start.
nov 20, 2004West Oakland [CA]Lobot, 1800 Campbell St."Touch Me, Feel Me" Tactile Art Installation w/ art by Jamie Nelson, Emma Spertus & Johnny Schroader, Amy Morrell, Adam Hatch. music by PLAN B, DEALERSHIP, LOVEMAKERS, PARADISE BOYS & DJ Johnny 1-Time. Doors 7pm, Bands 9pm. $5-$10 Sliding Scale Show...
nov 16, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... w/ dj introcut & guests in the front room. $3, 21+, 10pm start.
nov 12, 2004seattle [wa]lower levelSunTsu SoundSystem VS Fourthcity (DJN + HIDEKI). part of the "Joint" series presented by Static Factory Media.
nov 12, 2004vancouver [ca]blim (#600- 23 west pender)SMILETRONICS/8bit Digital Audio Showcase w/ KINOKO, Square_Root_of_Evil, + SPARK. 9pm, $7.
nov 9, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & members of circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
nov 9, 2004seattle [wa]see sound lounge (115 blanchard ave)Plan B (solo set!), Bookmobile, DJ Greg Skidmore.
nov 9, 2004seattle [wa]aurafice cafezapan (dj set), guests
nov 6, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSigner (Carpark Records, New Zealand), Ariel Pink (Paw-Tracks, LA) & Greg Davis (Kranky). w/ local support by DJ Veins, ZPN, Variform, DJN, Introcut, nth808 & the Doctor Poopey Audiophile Foundation. $8; 9pm Start.... dont miss this special ambient electronic presentation by some of the worlds finest soundscape sculptors!!! first person to email us about the show gets a spot on the guestlist & a promo copy of greg davis somnia... do it!
nov 4, 2004seattle [wa]the Vera Projectart opening! new paintings, video, installations and more by KINOKO, PARSKID + LUKE RAMSEY. music by DJN, ZAPAN + FOSCIL (everything 7-10pm, all-ages)
nov 3, 2004seattle [wa]University of Washington (Communications Bldg)Zapan, Kris Moon & DJN guest lecture at one of the Digital Media Working Groups Technology & Society event series. From 4-6pm at COM 206 (UW Students only!). Go to for more info...
nov 2nd, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
oct 26, 2004seattle [wa]see sound loungesegue makes a special trip from vancouver bc to perform some live stuff at oscillate.
oct 26, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
oct 19, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
oct 15, 2004seattle [wa]ToSTFOSCIL, DJN, tba
oct 13 , 2004new york [ny]pianosCMJ Aero Booking Showcase at Pianos: PLAN B, United State of Electronica, Smoosh & Aquaduct.
oct 12, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
oct 9, 2004seattle [wa]lower level"The Anti-Theft Device: A Benefit for Plan B" w/ Plan B, Mercir, Pleasurecraft ($7, 9pm, 21+)
oct 8, 2004detroit [MI]forans irish pub - 612 woodwardDETROIT UNDERGROUND PRESENTS!"Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ kero, derek michael + quantazelle.
oct 7, 2004cleveland [OH]mercury lounge - 1392 w 6th st"Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ tba
oct 6, 2004pittsburgh [PA]garfield artworksRaiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ alarmist + jericho
oct 5, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
oct 4, 2004chicago [IL]dannys - 1951 w dickens"Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ Oly, Yard (a Hefty Records Party!!!)
oct 2, 2004seattle [wa]neumosHIDEKI, KAMUI & BUMBLEBEE open for DJ KRUSH!!! w/ FCS NORTH. $15 adv. doors @ 7, show @ 8pm. show ends at 11pm!!!
sept 30, 2004minneapolis [MN]dinky towner
"Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ Mr. Projectile & Cepia
sept 28, 2004missoula [MT]chris henrys living room!!!
"Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour" : w/ tba
sept 28, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
sept 28, 2004seattle [wa]aurafice cafekinoko & syzygy doing dj sets.
sept 26, 2004seattle [wa]chop sueyFoscil, Plan B, Sientific American, KJ Sawka Band, Saba and Synth Club 3-9 pm @ Chop Suey. Part of the decibel festival.
sept 25, 2004seattle [wa]venue change: chop sueyZapan, Plastiq Phantom, edIT, Deceptikon, Richard Devine, Tipper, Sutekh & Portable!!! Part of the decibel festival.
sept 24, 2004seattle [wa]chop sueyfourthcity laptop battle championships at the decibel festival. competitors: DREAM ELECTRIC (LA), TWITTERING MACHINE (SF), DECEPTIKON (PDX), TOM CHI (SEA) & SPARK (VAN). judges: edIT (planet mu), zapan, steven severin, kris moon & one guest. opening sets by: edIT, kris moon, absolute madman, djn, hideki, kamui & bumblebee. dbfest ticket holders get 1st priority, otherwise its $10 at door.
sept 23, 2004San Francisco [CA]the 222 club
(222 hyde st.)
TROUBLE @ THE 222 CLUB!! ... $5
"Proptronix Fake Electronic Music Tour"
[ Safety Scissors, [A]pendics Shuffle & PJ Pooterhoots ]
** VERSUS **
"The Raiders of the Lost Crunk Tour"
[ edIT, Deceptikon & Zapan ]
sept 21, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
sept 19, 2004seattle [wa]Richard Hugo HouseZAPP (the Zine Archive & Publishing Project - located in the basement of the Hugo House) invites you to join in the exploration, deconstruction & appreciation of video games from Pong to PS2. This event is an extravaganza for video game lovers + those who want to experience multimedia installations, performances, readings, contests, live music and more... "The Greatest Video Game Event Ever!!!" Live Music by Truckasaurus, the Umbrellas, Invisible Numbers, Zapan, Kinoko & DJN. $12 doors, $9 presale. Contests, Prizes, Arcade, Animation, historical Showcase, Slide Rule, Gaming Champions, Costumes, Bands, Vladmasters interactive Viewmaster, Gaming Arena, Video Gaming professionals, Readings from 1UP & +Pad, Video Installations by Bonus & Simplicissimus. "Youre never dead till you run out of quarters!"
sept 17, 2004seattle [wa]3601 West Marginal Wy SWPLAN B at the harbor island warehouse experiment. w/ The Sound of Big Metal Boxes (a.k.a. an audio-visual installation featuring ~Shipping Containers~) + guests. visuals by LouderSpace. 21+, Free Admission, B.Y.O.B.
sept 14, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiSTOP BITING . w/ djs kamui, hideki & bumblebee, mc sage nomad & circle of fire... $3, 21+, 10pm start.
sept 4, 2004seattle [wa]bumbershootFOURTHCITY LAPTOP BATTLE SHOWCASE at the SKYCHURCH SATURDAY @ 6:30pm!!! performers are: DECEPTIKON (M3RCK), SPARK (N5MD), KRIS MOON (FCT), NORDIC SOUL (DBFESTIVAL), ABSOLUTE MADMAN (FCT), DJN (FCT), ZAPAN (FCT) & DR. POOPEY (FCT). post-battle performance by PLAN B & JACOB LONDON!!! tix are kinda expensive & theres no guest list, but if you buy em early you can save $$$.
aug 22, 2004vancouver [bc]brickyardfourthcity & present CAPTAIN AHAB (from LA), ATOLE (from VEGAS), & ZAPAN!!! w/ local support by SPARK (n5md), SQUARE ROOT OF EVIL, BROKENSLEEP & VINCENT PARKER! $4.99, 9pm...
aug 21, 2004seattle [wa]baltic roomfourthcity & present CAPTAIN AHAB (from LA) & ATOLE (from VEGAS)!!! w/ local support by ZAPAN, DJN, BOB 2.2 & THE FOURTHCITY DJS. $only 5.99!!! 21+, 9pm.
aug 13, 2004san francisco [ca]mighty - 119 Utah Stlowprolounge, club mighty & fourthcity present: FOURTHCITY 014 2004 SHOWCASE! music by madman, foscil, zapan, djn, bumblebee, w/ local support by TWITTERING MACHINE & J.TONAL!!! w/ visualist BEN SHEPPEE. $5, 21+, 9pm.
aug 09, 2004portland [or]loft party (14 NW 3rd AVE)foscil, absolute madman, djn, zapan & bumblebee. w/ local support by the players. come check it.
aug 09, 2004portland [or]ozone records - 1036 w. burnside*in-store performance* starting @ 6pm by djn & zapan.
aug 07, 2004seattle [wa]m:pulse (3516 fremont place, next to taco del mar in fremont)fourthcity, m:pulse & the stranger present: the official FOURTHCITY COMPILATION RELEASE PARTY [seattle version]! come help us celebrate one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year w/ djs HIDEKI, BUMBLEBEE, KAMUI, VARIFORM, INTROCUT & YITEARP in the hallway, live music by PLAN B, FOSCIL, DJN, ABSOLUTE MADMAN, KRIS MOON & ZAPAN in the front room, & art installations by IOSEPHATU SUA & KINOKO in one of the other nooks, & projections by V-8, BRIOTRON, & LITTLE DAN. this show is "invitation only," so please email one of us to get on the list or pick up an invitation at 35th north, Goods, or Sals Barbershop. werd! (pics of the show)
aug 02, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weekly~THE LAST WEEKLY SHOW~ sets by foscil, the fourthcity djs, zapan, djn, yitearp & plan b... come wish the weekly farewell forever!!! we loved you right, right?
aug 01, 2004seattle [wa]S.A.A.M."deconstructed sound & transgressions in audio", w/ ZAPAN, NTH, SYPHILIS SAUNA, FFEJ & ECCE HOMO. show starts @ 1pm.
july 30-31, 2004olympic peninsula [wa]freefesttwo-day outdoor music festival. performers include WAD, PLASTICENE, SCAPE, MARANGATANG, ZAPAN, DJN, ABSOLUTE MADMAN, BASTINADO, GALACTIC IONIZATION UNIT & more. get info/directions/etc here.
july 27, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fituesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs.
july 26, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklymultimedia showcase 2004. w/ music by KINOKO, BALSA, INVISIBLENUMBERS, GALACTIC IONIZATION UNIT, DJ PAULISH, & A SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY DOCTOR POOPEY (featuring michael carrington & djn on vox, zapan on keys/metronome & kamui on the turntable).
july 24, 2004seattle [wa]capitol hill block partyPLAN B @ 3pm (vera stage), lots of other great musicians, & the most scenesters youll ever see in a beer garden.
july 21, 2004seattle [wa]baltic roomdv-one, hideki, syzygy & mc insight.
july 20, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fituesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs.
july 19, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyhandsome d&b w/ kid hops, djn, dr. poopey, silky j & guests.
july 17 , 2004seattle [wa]ToST (in fremont)zapan, kris moon & others (sensory effect presents...)
july 16, 2004seattle [wa]lower levelfoscil (scape), obelus, dj br8, variform & zapan
july 13, 2004seattle [wa]premere clubabsolute madman, bob 2.2, dj paulish & others
july 13, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fituesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs.
july 12, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyisdiff (experimental electronic label from pdx) showcase (featuring live sets by glomm, dizzystarhouse & bitmarch). w/ xeno volcano (from zurich) & sean wolcott.
july 09, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fiEXPERIMENT #5 [a return to the super-fun *experiment* parties we threw last summer] w/ music & movies by *the whole fucking crew*. check it - its a FRIDAY!!! $5 w/ flyer, $3 w/o.
july 06, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fituesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs.
july 05, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklybumblebee, hideki & kamui
july 02, 2004seattle [wa]lower levelzapan w/ entropic advance & others
july 01, 2004seattle [wa]Hideaway - 2219 4th Ave. #1>Fetal Distress - 9pm
>bleep?commando - 10pm
>XISIX - 11pm
>Nth - 12am
>V8 media for visuals
june 29, 2004portland [or]holocenescape, the players (last live performance) & talkdemonic. 9pm, $4.
june 29, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fihideki, bumblebee & kamui present: tuesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs.
june 28, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyVARIFORM, INTROCUT & nominal I (instrumental hiphops)
june 22, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fihideki, bumblebee & kamui present: tuesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs. check it!!!
june 21, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyHANDSOME D&B (new monthly!): B-GIRL, SILKY J. & EMU
june 19, 2004seattle [wa]showboxBUMBLEBEE djs the uniting souls 4th anniversary party! w/ downtempo cohorts rama & zion12. plus miguel migs, lisa shaw, jeromy nail, jon lemmon & wesley holmes on the dance tip...
june 18, 2004seattle [wa]oseao/ artificial limb co.Laptop Battle afterhours party!!! details tba...
june 18, 2004seattle [wa]chop suey > L A P T O P B A T T L E v3.0 - LAPTOP BATTLE IS THE NEW PUNK ROCK!!! details at $6 adv. tix are available here. otherwise its $10....
june 15, 2004seattle [wa]lo-fihideki, bumblebee & kamui present: tuesday evenings w/ the fourthcity djs... inaugaural show!!! how sick!!!
june 14, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklySCOTT SUNN, UMAMI & OBELUS
june 12, 2004seattle [wa]alibi room KRIS MOON (live set) @ shameless w/ freaky chakra
june 12, 2004missoula [mt]THE ROXYDECEPTIKON, ZAPAN, SCAPE, KAMUI, BUMBLEBEE, DJN, YITEARP & more... projections by BRIOTRON (this event will be held in an old movie theatre). presented by ear candy records.
june 09, 2004seattle [wa]baltic roomHIDEKI guest-djs @ juice, w/ mug frosty & ams of fcs_north/mass mvmnt & others
june 07, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyfct DISCO DANCE-A-THON w/ dj KORIN, KUNDABUFFER, djgo, NTHETIC & guests....
june 02, 2004seattle [wa]chop suey BR8 (vinyl), SCAPE (live), VARIFORM (vinyl), ZAPAN (laptop) & OBELUS (live)
may 31, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weekly3PL_NPL_DJS a.k.a. HIDEKI, KAMUI & BUMBLEBEE
may 30, 2004seattle [wa]lower level @ capitol hill arts centerzapan (dj set), tba
may 24, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyZION 12 (uniting souls), ABSOLUTE MADMAN, HIDEKI & YITEARP.
may 21, 2004seattle [wa]4049 7th Ave. NEPINKPIGS.NET launch party!!! cojiflabs & the university of washington electrical engineering dept. present THE #1 HOUSE PARTY. music by the fourthcity art crew & projections by koji kuwahara. $5 gets you a keg cup.
may 17, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyRADIO FOURTHCITY w/ DJ/MC ZAPAN all night long!!!
may 15, 2004seattle [wa]capitol hill arts center bldg*BIG IN JAPAN art:fashion:music show* music by ANNA OXYGEN, BARFLY, FOURTHCITY DJS, POPULAR SHAPES & SAM KIRKLAND. art by IOSEFATU SUA & MARY LONG. designers: JEFFREY THOMAS (studio 75), SARAH BRADY & TINA (lucid studio). presented by GrayLife.
may 13, 2004portland [or]holocenePDX vs SEATTLE LAPTOP BATTLE rematch! competitors include KRIS MOON, DECEPTIKON, ABSOLUTE MADMAN, UMAMI, BLLIX, PHIBER[]PTIX, NTH808, SYZYGY, RRINE & more...
may 03, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklydjs YITEARP, INTROCUT, DJN & B-GIRL
may 02, 2004seattle [wa]lower level @ capitol hill arts centervariform, scape, logic probe
apr 26, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyscape vs the fourthcity djs
apr 23, 2004los angeles [ca]killradio.orgon-air interview & live sets by kris moon, syzygy, zapan & absolute madman (6-7pm pst)
apr 21, 2004los angeles [ca]the knitting factorypart of the FOURTHCITY LAPTOP BATTLE TOUR - more info @ / celebrity judges: daedelus, eDIT, eight frozen modules, deepsky & choncey langford!
apr 21, 2004los angeles [ca]kxlu 88.9FM Los Angeleson-air interview & live sets by djn, absolute madman, syzygy & zapan (3-4pm pst)
apr 19, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklydub night w/ introcut & guests
apr 18, 2004san francisco [ca]club sixpart of the FOURTHCITY LAPTOP BATTLE TOUR - more info @ featuring special guest judge GOLD CHAINS!!!
apr 15, 2004vancouver [canada]the brickhousepart of the FOURTHCITY LAPTOP BATTLE TOUR - more info @
apr 12, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklybethurum collective, ryan vs corey, djn, zapan
apr 05, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklybookmobile, plasticene, yitearp & the void stars (tom chi & dave peck)
apr 04, 2004seattle [wa]lower level @ capitol hill arts centerremixed weekly, w/ obelus & zapan
apr 03, 2004seattle [wa]chop sueyMass Mvmnt / Imputor? Record Release Party! w/ fcs_north, djs on strike, sientific american, pleaseeasaur & fourthcity djs
apr 01, 2004seattle [wa]aristocratsbethurum presents: first thursday artwalk shindig #1, w/ the bethurum collective, scape, absolute madman VS djn VS zapan, jaCeDo
mar 26, 2004san diego [ca]kadan club (4696 30th)*deceptikon/zapan west-coast tour* w/ twine (ghostly international), dj andres octavio & dj jon baker. presented by broken beat.
mar 24, 2004la [ca]elm weekly @ the good hurt club*deceptikon/zapan west-coast tour* w/ rd
mar 23, 2004la [ca]zen sushi*deceptikon/zapan west-coast tour* w/ captain ahab, books on tape
mar 21, 2004sf [ca]"669a minna" (btwn mission, howard, 7th & 8th)*deceptikon/zapan west-coast tour* w/ cats on earth, aron harbor & djs
mar 20, 2004eugene [or]the samurai duck (980 oak st)*deceptikon/zapan west-coast tour* w/ botox
mar 19, 2004seattle [wa]lower level @ capitol hill arts centerfourthcity & m3rck records present: the DECEPTIKON/ZAPAN west-coast tour kickoff party!!! w/ zapan, deceptikon, scape & the 3pl nipple djs.
mar 15, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyzapan, kris moon, syzygy & guests
feb 28, 2004seattle [wa]s.a.w. galleryrabbits & robots show. w/ art by Kinoko [sea], Sam Trout [sea], NkO [sea], Bwana Spoons [pdx] & Luke Ramsey [van,bc], & music by ulala, djn & zapan...
feb 21, 2004missoula [mt]scootervillethe fourthcity art crew emergency-rescue convoy
feb 11, 2004portland [or]holocenebllix presents: Battle of The Knobs. w/ ainu, deceptikon (m3rck), glomm (IsDiff), kris moon, ML (n5MD), monkey+1, radium-z, zapan, rrine & suff-x (muti_music)
feb 07, 2004seattle [wa]clever dunnesturntables set up in a cozy irish pub, variform, bumblebee, zapan, sean c & tom chi
jan 28, 2004seattle [wa]coffee messiahcognitive dissidents series, zapan, nth808
jan 27, 2004seattle [wa]aurafice cafepolygraphic event series, w/ dot-greg-dot & boyd main [zapan performing along side kinoko & paul groff]
jan 26, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyw/ kris moon, rama, introcut, boyd main & obelus
jan 23, 2004seattle [wa]chop sueypdx vs seattle laptop battle w/ kris moon, nordic soul, deceptikon, etc [sponsored by fourthcity, ableton, native instruments, the stranger, the portland mercury, em411, holocene &]
jan 21, 2004seattle [wa]suite g [in fremont]w/ scape, monktail creative music concern, bumblebee, yitearp, hideki, kamui, dj go, djn & mc insight
jan 19, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyweekly 1-year anniversary party!
jan 12, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyplan b, full, garfunkle, 3pl nipple djs & guests
jan 05, 2004seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklysubaudible love sounds a.k.a. loFreq, nth808, lunabelle, dj korin, yitearp & zapan
dec 29, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklymade in japan - w/ ali, hideki, djn, bumblebee & yitearp
dec 22, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyscape, madman, bethurum
dec 15, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyantiscience electrojazz, plasticene, garfunkle & the slowpoke collective
dec 12, 2003tokyo [japan]bulletsPROGRESSIVE FOrMs monthly forma... event. w/ fumie [fleckfumie Berlin / Beams Records / afterhours], drummatic [flyrec], Mayu Ishikawa, Katsutoshi Yoshihira [PROGRESSIVE FOrM] - ((zapan live in tokyo japan))
dec 08, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklybroken, w/ rama, djn, emu & necron99
dec 05, 2003tokyo [japan]secobarelectronicpub*22 w/ Frank Muller [beroshima], Venus Fly Trapp [android 69], Akiko, Third-Ear Visual Pilots & Guy McCreery - ((zapan live in tokyo japan))
dec 01, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyhideki, kamui, bumblebee & mc insight
nov 24, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyGHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL showcase w/ TWINE, LUSINE, JERRY ABSTRACT & NORDIC SOUL
nov 17, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyscape, introcut, ali, djn & yitearp
nov 10, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyhideki, kamui & bumblebee, w/ bob2.2
nov 03, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklythee outfit, dj veins, pinky n rex, the void stars
oct 27, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklykamui, bumblebee, hideki, justin & sho-nuff
oct 23, 2003seattle [wa]aristocratsbent, w/ atomikdog (from france), dj wd4d, terso, necron99 & decim8 (zapan & djn as mr. afternoon)
oct 20, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklycrooner night! w/ state hotel & the lacey brown band.
oct 19, 2003san francisco [ca]sake labdjn, zapan & absolutemadman w/ various djs
oct 18, 2003san francisco [ca]cloud nine*the experiment* w/ teambattle, harbour, alexander, asik, zapan, absolutemadman & djn [event by]
oct 15, 2003seattle [wa]chop suey35th North Skateshop Benefit: zapan, scape, the players (pdx) & the tripple nipple djs
oct 13, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyfuture music expo w/ zion 12 a.k.a. tone scientist, the bethurum collective, dj misha & c_rizzle.
oct 06, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklydrumnbass battle, w/ rama, law, b-girl, necron99, terso & djn
sep 29, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyhideki, kamui & bumblebee. w/ yMe
sep 22, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyscape, introcut, mr afternoon
sep 20, 2003seattle [wa]alibi roomROBO.trash w/ zapan, kris moon, nordic soul & komm
sep 19, 2003seattle [wa]562 1st Ave S. #401GIANT ROBOT 30th issue release party w/ fourthcity djs, djn, module, plastiq phantom, andy [of fcs_north], tyko party, gallery crush, micah, samuel kirkland & guests. art by nko, iosefatu t sua, joel di pietro, sneke & hews, rec & j.c.
sep 16, 2003seattle [wa]chop sueylaptop battle #2 w/ kris moon, nordic soul, randy jones, choncey langford, tom chi, djn, absolutemadman, logic probe, variform & more
sep 15, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyMULTIMEDIA EXPOSITION #2
sep 08, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyfull, nemo, yoko phono
sep 01, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklysniffa, djn, yitearp & zapan
aug 25, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyw/ plastiq phantom, push push (module from tone & ex-jessamine bassist), balsa, zapan, cass corridor, tube alloy, dalmations & guests
aug 18, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyturntable showcase #4 w/ the usual suspects & featuring an opening live set by mr afternoon
aug 11, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyentropic advance, thee outfit, lovecraft technologies & djn
aug 04, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyBOB 2.2 first weekly show! w/ nordic soul, the won ton process &
jul 28, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyturntable expo #3, w/ bumblebee, variform, paulish, yitearp, kamui & hideki.
jul 28, 2003seattle [wa]sounding depth (radio broadcast)4-6pm @ (zapan & djn as mr afternoon)
jul 24, 2003seattle [wa]gracelandexperiment 3/4, w/ scape, bumblebee, hideki, kamui, kevlar, zapan, djn & yitearp f
jul 21, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyMR AFTERNOON first seattle appearance! w/ grey filastine & zapan vs absolute madman!
jul 14, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklydjn presents *broken* w/ rama (soiree/unitingsouls/, law (compound records), telly (motorbooty), djn & bobby mono.
jul 09, 2003seattle [wa]coffee messiahcognitive dissidents series, w/ table:artist, zapan
jul 07, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyantiscience electrojazz w/ jake elliot & bleep?commando
jul 03, 2003seattle [wa]luscious studios24 hour proof, w/ djn, zapan, grey filastine & various punk bands
jul 01, 2003seattle [wa]consolidated worksmeetspace, w/ lullebelle & fountainhead (performing w/ sean bendickson & cory heindel as antiscience)
jun 30, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyNFR - multimedia exposition
jun 23, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyyoko phono, djn & nth808
jun 16, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklymerck, toytronic & musik aus strom summer tour w/ adam johnson, mr. projectile, miles tilmann, lusine & zapan
jun 12, 2003seattle [wa]lo-fi performance galleryw/ zapan, entropic advance, surrounded by ninjas (pdx), fountainhead & iko
jun 09, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklykamui, hideki & bumblebee
jun 02, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyplasticene, yitearp & zapan
may 26, 2003seattle [wa]chop sueyexperiment 2, w/ antiscience, hideki, kamui, bumblebee, djn, yitearp, paulish & variform
may 19, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklynerd love (tm). absolute madmans first fourthcity weekly show! w/ misha, mc madbot, c_ronic, djn & zapan
may 17, 2003seattle [wa]luscious studiosexperiment 1, w/ antiscience, jemaha, cisco cd, bumblebee, hideki, yitearp, kamui & djn
may 14, 2003seattle [wa]coffee messiahcognitive dissidents series, w/ bios+a+ic
may 12, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyscapes first weekly appearance! w/ yitearp & zapan.
may 10, 2003seattle [wa]sounding depth (radio broadcast)12-2pm @
may 05, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklybroken, w/ rama, kid hops, b-girl, naoto, zapan, djn, terso & nth808
apr 28, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyjunglisms - w/ naoto, hideki, kamui, yitearp & bumblebee
apr 26, 2003chicago [ill]the after projectZAPAN vs DJN, w/ a couple hardcore/punk bands!
apr 21, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyantiscience electrojazz
apr 14, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyfirst-ever laptop battle, w/ bobby karate, kris moon, absolute madman, terso, zapan & aaron bolton
apr 07, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyturntablist exhibition w/ hideki, kamui, bumblebee, variform, paulish, sean c & yitearp.
mar 17, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklynaoto yamazaki w/ bumblebee, kamui & hideki
mar 03, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklydj veins, bobby karate & aaron bolton, zapan
feb 24, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyturntablist showcase w/ hideki, kamui, bumblebee, yitearp, zapan, sean c, variform & dj paulish
jan 20, 2003seattle [wa]fourthcity weeklyOPENING NIGHT! w/ music by zapan, djn, yitearp, antiscience, hideki, kamui & art by y_square & mike foster